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OPO Presents " The Business Page." Setting Goals, Working Hard, Achieving Success.

We are pleased to offer a selection of Business, and Personal Achievement Products.

Brian Tracey International

Learning the principles of being successful.

Brian Tracey is the leading authority on personal, and professional success. He is one of the most sought after speakers in the world, and has addressed more than five million people in 40 different countries. Brian Tracey has been in business for more than 30 years, and he is one of the most trusted, and recognized  experts on personal development, and success. He can help us all in setting, and achieving our business, as well as our personal goals. To view his website, copy then paste, or just click on to the following link:

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Men's Suits

When you think of men's suits, or when you have to have one for yourself, you think of Men's Wearhouse. For over 40 years Men's Wearhouse has been helping men like the way they look. Your satisfaction is their highest priority. If you are not completely happy with the fit, quality, fabric, you can return the purchase within 90 days of your purchase for a full refund. For more information, and to make arangements click on to the following link:Men's Wearhouse - You're Going to Like the Way You Look. We Guarantee It.

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Justice Finance

Small Personal Loans

If you need a little extra at the end of the month, and you don't want to get stuck with a payday loan, you need to contact Justice Finance. They are not a payday loan service. They will work with you on small personal loans that help you get through tough times. Cash loans up to $1200 to $1300, with 12 months to repay.  For more information contact Justice Finance on 201 N.E. Wilshire, Burleson TX, 76028. Phone 682-747-5081, or, Justice Finance on 617 E. Abrams Suite 200, Arlington TX, 76010. Phone 817-227-2228.

Price: Burleson Office : 682-747-5081, Arlington Office: 817-227-2228

Suit Atire, " Ties"

Need a tie for that new shirt, but you don't want to pay alot of money for one, check out Ties .com. At we've got thousands of incredible products in stock- neckties, skinny ties, bowties, tie bars & tie racks to name just a few. Although we do carry popular designer brands, most of  the products you'll find her are designed by our talented designers, whose motto is " If we wouldn't wear it we won't sell it" So take a look, for more details click on to the following link:

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The Magic of Thinking Big

Personal Development

This one book has helped millions of people who are involved in business, become successful. If your business is people centered, they all need to read this book. Dr David Schwartz was regarded as one of the formost experts of motivation. This book will help you sell better, manage better, earn more money, and most of all make you a better person. For more detail about how to order this classic. Click on to the following link:The Magic of Thinking Big

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John C. Maxwell : Sometimes you Win, Sometimes you Learn.

Personal Development

#1 New York Times bestselling author John C. Maxwell believes that any setback, wheather professional, or personal can be turned into a step forward when you possess the right tools to turn loss into gain. Drawing from nearly fifty years of leadership experience, Dr. Maxwell provides a roadmap for winning, by examining the eleven elements that constitute the DNA of learners who succeed in the face of problems, failures, and losses. For more detail on this great book click on to the following link:

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Rich Devos: Life and Lessons fro the co-founder of Amway.

Lessons on Life and Success

%MCEPASTEBIN%It has always been said: "If you want to be succesful hang around people who are." Rich Devos is one of those people. Rich Devos, co-founder of Amway, and owner of the NBA's Orlando Magic, possesses qualitys rarely found in businss leaders today. A prominent businessman, self-made billionaire, philanthropist, worldwide speaker, familyman, and devout christian, this man embodys the heart of the American entrepreneurial spirit. For more detail on this great man's story, and to order your copy click on to the following link:Simply Rich: Life and Lessons from the Cofounder of Amway: A Memoir

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The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

Personal Development

In the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, author Stephen R Covey presents a integrated, principle-centered, approach for solving personal, and professional problems. With penetrating insights, and pointed anecdotes, Covey reveals a step by step pathway for living with fairness, integrity, service, principles that give dignity to peoples efforts to be successful. The ability to adapt to change, and to take advantage of the opportunities as they come your way. This is one of the great books on personal development. For more information click on to the following link:  7 Habits of Highly Effective People                                                         

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Successful Achievement:4Vol. Book Set, With Concordance and Case.

Personal Development

Successful Achievement was written by the great businessman himself Sidney Bremer. He wanted to teach young people the principles of achievement, that they will have to use when they get out in the world. These principles are the American work ethic. They are written in a teachable fashion, with questions to be answered at the end of each chapter. These books will be passed on from generation to generation. For more detail click on to the following link: width="1" height="1" border="0" alt="" styleSuccessful Achievement, 4 Vol. And Concordance In Case

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The Law Depot

Legal Documents

Lawyers can charge hundreds of dollars per hour to assist you in creating legal documents. Save your money for the actual legal advice, and create the documents yourself. Lawyers use our services, so why not you as well. " The Law Depot" is the leading publisher of do-it-yourself legal documents, and templates. With over 10 years experience. We have drafted over one million contracts, and have helped our clients save over a billion dollars in legal fees. So if this is a need you have maybe we can help. For information, and to see if we can help click on to the following link:

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The New York Times Online Store

Office Decor


The New York Times Store offers a vast array of quality products from the country's pre-eminent newspaper. Starting with  a unmatched collection of photography, and personalized gifts. The store provides the discerning buyer everything from fine art prints, books, sports memorabilia, historic autographs, collectibles, and reprints of vintage news. If you need something that will inspire you to keep working, or just to add some personality to your office, check out the New York Times Online Store. For more details click on to the following link:

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Survey Junkie

Businesses need you.

Take surveys get paid. Be an influencer, share your opinion to help brands deliver better products, and survices. Get rewarded for your time, and your participation. Survey Junkie offers popular gift cards, and cashouts via PayPal. Make a difference as a consumer. For more information click on to the following link:Survey Junkie


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Do-It-Yourself- Investing

MarketRiders is the orginal do-it-yourself investing software made simple. Reduce your investing fees, manage your account yourself, and retire with more. Since 2007, MarketRiders has helped investors like you, and me avoid unnecessary fees so you keep your money where it belongs, in your account, and growing. Request a consultation, and more information via e-mail. To get started click on to the following link:Online Investing with MarketRiders

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Bulk Office Supply

Office Supplys

The founders of Bulk Office Supply have been office supply vendors since 1989. During that time they have gained years of experience distributing office products, which has resulted in great pricing on over 20,000 items for companies. When you do this that means customers get lower prices lower than they would at Staples, Office Depot, Office Max, and most major office supply chains. Get your savings now let Bulk Office Supply take care of your office supply needs. To order click on to the following link:Save 60% on Ink & Toner!!!

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Home Job Stop


If you are looking for a legitimate work from home site, you have come to the right website. The Home Job Stop site is an active job board specializing in telecommuting, and work from home jobs. In addition to our extensive job bank, we offer an exclusive online quidebook,e-mail, updates, reports, and much more. This is not an exhaustive list of ad posting schemes, pyramid schemes, chain letters. All content is manually verified, and approved, before  appearing in the job bank. This may provide you with the opportunity you have been looking for. For more information, copy then paste, or just click on to this link on your computer:

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Penny Stock Trading

When one thinks about the stock market, there is a wise saying that says "Don't invest any more money than your willing to lose." That's why Penny Stocks are so popular, you can't lose very much. Unless your Tim Sykes, then you start making money hand over foot, because he came up with a system, and that system started working. If your intrested in getting into Penny Stocks this program would be a must. When you get on Tim's system you get weekly stock trade alerts, one on one consultations, and a step-by-step process blueprint. Lots of advise, and help to get you started. To become successful you need to listen, and learn to someone who is successful. For more information click on to the following link:

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Foundations: Beginners Stock Market Training Course

Stock Market Training

Foundations gets you started. Learn how the Stock Market works, get a complete understanding  of what the stock market is. Learn the terminology, and how you find profitable stocks. Learn about investments, how to evaluate the health of a company's stock, and most of all learn how to avoid the common mistakes amateurs make. For more details click on to the following link:

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Made of

Website Building

Made of Cloud creates unique websites. We can design, code, and manage your website, or you can select a design and build your own website. Made of Cloud has designs you can select from. We have templates you can select from to create your own unique trademark. So lets get to work, and get that business on the internet. For more information click on to the following link:            

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Small Business Consulting

Need some help, getting that small business up, and going. Wondering how to start. GoSmallBiz can help. Since 1996, GoSmallBiz has been providing unparlleled support, and resources to entrepreneurs starting their own businesses. Founded in 1996 by NFL, Hall of Famer, and veteran entrepreneur, Fran Tarkenton, with the goal of providing tools, support, consultation, to all businesses needing some quidance in becoming profitable. can help. For more information, and to hook up with them click on to the following link:

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BGASC Gold, and Sliver Coins, and Bars


If you are looking for good, safe, investments look to gold, and silver, BGASC is your best, and safest source. BGASC goal is to be the kind of dealer you can trust, the kind of dealer that you would want to trade with. BGASC is an official NGC collector's society member, and a bulk purchaser of United States Mint non-bullion coins. BGASC is one of the largest, fastest, and most trusted online precious metal suppliers in the US. Every package is sent fully insured by Lloyd's of London. Let BGASC supply your gold,and sliver. For information on investing click on to the following link:

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Resume Fit

When you are looking for a good job you usually need a good resume. Jobscan is a web tool that will analyze how well your resume matches the job your applying for in two seconds. Jobscan has gotten raving reviews on Google, and Facebook. The business has also been featured in Forbes, TechCrunch, Fox Business, and Seattle Times. When your looking to impress you need all the help you can get. Jobscan can help. For more detail click on to the following link:Jobscan

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Paid Online Writing Jobs

Business Opportunity

Do you have the ability to write? Would you like to write for commericals? There are writing jobs that require free-lance writers for ads, commericals,and other business ventures. Once you are in the system businesses that need writers will look you up. This is a work at home opportunity. To get more information on this opportunity, copy then paste, ot just click this link on your computer:

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Executive Essentials

Office Supplies

Executive Essentials offers a wide selection of Fountain Pens, Writing Instruments, Pen Refills,Leather Goods, and Desk Accessories. They feature all the top brands including, Montblanc, Waterman, Retro 51, Parker, and Cross Pens. They can make your purchase personal, by offering valuable services, including pen engraving, and monogramming on leather goods, laptop bags, and wallets. So for those business needs check out Excutive Essentials. For more information click on to the following link:

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Writing Gifts

Sheer Artistry in fine writing instruments. These are not just pens, you do not lend these out. Whether you're intrested in having one of these pens for yourself, or customized for a promotional event, Lanier is wthout a doubt the best. Lanier has a huge inventory of fountain pens, rollerball pens, ballpoint, and nice tasteful accessories that can go with them. These are not just pens, they are a custom wood handcrafted works of art. For more details click on to the following link:

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FedEx Office

Business Shipping

The more open, and connected the world is, the easier it is for businesses, their employees, and their communities to prosper. Global connections allow our best thinking ideas to compound, and multiply. FedEx calls this the access effect. When it's easier to bring new ideas to new markets, everyone benefits. FedEx connects people to possibilities, let us help you grow your business. For more information on how we can do that click on to the following link:

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Nextiva: Business Cloud Communications

Business Communications

Get your business unified. Nextiva is transforming the way businesses operate, with true unified communications. Over 80,000 companies rely on Nextiva for their business communications. Nextiva can reduce phone service cost, improve customer service, and consolidate your business phone service bill. We care about your business as much as you do. We call it amazing service, improved profits, and productivity, at a low cost. Our customers know what their paying for. No contracts, no hidden fees, and you can cancel at any time. Lets get togeather, and see what we can do. For information click on to the following link:"<a href="

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Atlas Travel Insurance

Business Travel Insurance

If you have to travel in business you need HCC. HCC has insurance products that are designed specifically to address the insurance needs of international travelers, and citizen. Our insurance products are known, and used daily by thousands of individuals, families, corporations, and service organizations, around the world. If you travel you need Atlas, HCC Travel Insurance. For more information click on to the following link: <ahref=

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Business Travel

Hotel' has over 365,000 Hotels in more than 60 countries. When your going to be on a business trip, family vacation, weekend trip, or whatever the reason book online. Hotel' will find you a great room at a smll price. Let them find you the room, and you enjoy the trip. For more detail, and to find your hotel click on to the following link:<a href="

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Last Minute Travel

Business Travel

Got to get somewhere fast on a business trip, you need the premier online website for providing last minute prices on a varirty of travel products. The biggest bargain available on the website is it's portfolio of 16000 plus udercover hotels in 2500 major cities worldwide. Founded in 1996 as the first website serving todays time-starved traveler. Last Minute Travel is the master of offering last minute prices whether at the last possibe moment, or months in advance. For more information click on to the following link:<a href=""

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DeskTop Computers: Certified Refurbished


Computers for sale, with all kinds of brands, at very resonable prices. New, used, refurbished. This picture is a Dell Desktop Computer package with WiFi, Dual Core, 17" monitor for only 160.00 with free shipping. Before you buy any computer, always check the price on Amazon. For more details, and to shop for a computer click on to the following link:Desktop Computers Certified Refurbished

Price: Click on Link for Prices

Laptop Computers: Amazon


If you need a laptop Amazon has them, Toshiba, Samsung, HP2000, Dell Inspiron, Acer Aspire, HP Pavilion, ASUS, Gateway, just to name a few. They also have the software, and hardware to go with them. Check Amazon out right now for their back to school laptop deals. Remember when you get ready to buy a laptop be sure and check Amazon first. For more details click onto the following link:Laptop Computers

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Best Buy is the #1 retailer, and the most trafficked website for consumer electronics. Self contained computers, I have one , and they are great. You can always count on Best Buy for fantastic  customer service, and competitive prices. Check Best Buy if you need a new computer. For more detail click on to the following link:Check Out This Week's Desktop Deals and More

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BusinesS Computers

Best Mechanical Keyboard ever made. What makes a mechanical keyboard awesome, one that is high- performance with tactile, and audio feedback that is so accurate that it allows you to excute every keystroke with lighting fast percision. Durable construction, the keys are made to last longer than any standard, run of the meal keyboard, if your on your computer in your business, day in and day out a Daskeyboard may be all you need. For more detail click on to the following link:Free Shipping Everyday on the Highest Quality Mechanical Keyboards

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Carousel Checks

Personal Banking

At Carousel Checks you get four great brands of personal & business checks all in one program. We at the Carousel Family of checks are excitied about providing you with a quality book of personal checks. Even though most people today use their debit cards for most transactions, there are still times when it is best to use a personal check, and the the banks charge to much to get your check book. Carousel will give you better quality, at a lower price. For more information click on to the following link:<a href="

Price: Click on Link for Pricing

Bad Credit Loans: "We Can Help When others Won't"

Personal Loans

Helping people with bad credit since 1998. First: It dosen't hurt to try, there is no cost to ask for a loan on our site. Second: Responsible Lending, We are committed to educating our customers, if they ask for it. Third: Privacy, and Security, We protect your information with advanced encryption technology. We are here for you every day, we help people like you secure loans and find solutions, We're here 24/7. It doesn't hurt to try. For more detail click on the following link:Get started at

Price: Click on Link for more Information,

The Credit Pros: Credit Repair, and Education

Credit Repair

My name is Jason Kaplan, and I am owner, and operator of The Credit Pros. My goal is to fix America's credit, one credit report at a time. I have created a credit repair program that has taken me all over the country improving peoples credit scores. I am confident that I can do the same for you. I have a great team and a BBB rating of A++. Let us help you. For more detail click on the following link:Use Your Rights! Fix Your Credit!

Price: Clink on Link for Pricing


Business Education

Master a new subject with online courses, from local colleges near you. Learn new skills online, and change your life for the better, at ed2go you can improve  your job prospects with a certificate the employers will recognize. When you complete your ed2go online education you recieve a certificate from one of our 2000 educational partners. At ed2go we want to help you advance your career, thats why we also provide financial assistance. Take a look and see if we can help. To get started click on to the following link:Creating the Inclusive Classroom: Strategies for Success

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Affordable, accessible legal help.

Helping 20 million people just like you. Our laws we're created to protect,& empower us, as individuals, families, business owners, but there is just one problem, legal help is to expensive, and complex. We don't get the help we need because most people just can't afford it. At Rocket Lawyer we want to make legal service affordable, and accessible. Our commitment to the customer is just that, it is the heart of our business. Legal service you can use. For more information click on to the following link:Legal Document Online. All States. Free to Print, Save & Download!

Price: Click on Link for Prices

Shoptoit: Google Search Platform

Advertising your product

What is Shoptoit? Shoptoit is a leadsite responsive design Goggle approved mobile website that is based on a physical store location and the oroducts the store sells. Lead sites are comprehensive retailer sites that are designed to rank higher in search engines, and capture more leads(customers) in your local market. If you already have your own digitial footprint, such as a website, social media site Shoptoit can bring you better search engine results. For more detail click on to the following link:Local Search Marketing for Small Businesses

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Business Electronics

Buy Back World wants to be your quickest and simplest online platform for buying and selling your used and unwanted consumer household products(cell phones). Cell phones, iPods, Apple accessories, Tablets, etc. Call them and get a price on what you have, or if you want to buy an accessory they will give you a quote. Sell or buy Buy Back World can help you out. For more info click on to the following link:BuyBackWorld

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Stock, Futures, Software

TradeMiner software identifies historical seasonal trends & market cycles. Stocks tend to have relatively high or low returns every year in the same calendar month. This pattern is independent of size, industry, earnings annoucements, dividends & fiscal year end results. TradeMiner software gives quick scans, it will scan market data, analyze results with graphs to help you see maybe what will happen, custom search optimization, software support with phone and e-mail. This just another tool you can use to make good decisions. For more information, and to look at the program click on to the following link:




Price: Click on Link for Price


Business Advertising

1-800 Postcards is New York City's number one source of high quality postcards, business cards, brochures, flyers, posters, and much more. If you need it printed they will do it. For more than 40 years they have been servicing customers from all over the US, with the highest quality paper, ink, and design services. With the best digital, and offset equipment available to produce the best custom print products. 1-800 Postcards stands out front of all the competition. To see what they have for printing needs click on to the following link:Custom Printing Products

Price: Click on Link for Prices


Printer ink & toner

123 inkjets is a leading provider of discount printer ink & toner for virtually every inkjet or laser printer on the market. 123 inkjet provides the highest quality printer supplies for the lowest prices possible. We make our own inventory purchases ensuring that only the best printer supplies are purchased from the most realiable supplier. So if you don't want to go to the store just order your computer copier ink from 123 inkjets. To look at this website, and to order your ink click on to the following link:Shop Now for Printer Ink Cartridges & Laser Toner at!

Price: Click on Link for Price

AppyPie:Build Your Own App

App. Builder

AppyPie will show you how to build your own app, its easy as eating apple pie. With Appy's intuitive platform allows you to write your own app without knowing how to write code. Use Appy's easy to use, drag-and-drop app making platform. You can create, and publish your own app in minutes. Turn your app idea into reality. Appy also has a huge range of video tutorials to help you learn basic app building. This is a great opportunity. To get more information click on to the following link:Make Your Free App in 3 Easy Steps without coding. Create Your App Now

Price: $00.00

Get Response "email marketing"

Business Marketing

More than 350,000 customers in 183 countrys trust "Get Response" the worlds easiest e-mail marketing platform, now available in 24 different languages. With more than 15 years of experience Get Response continues to deliver, excellent- quality online marketing solutions that empower entrepreneurs. That means they market your business on e-mail, with beautifully designed emails that get you prospects. They will run your campaign, and get you some results. For more detail click on to the following link:GetResponse Email Marketing. Trusted by 160,000 Customers in 172 Countries. Get Started Today!

Price: Click on LInk for Prices

Discounted Newspapers

Currnet Events, Politics, Stock Market

With over 400 newspaper subscriptions available, USA Today, New York Times, Washington Post & many more, this can be a major tool for your business. Discounted Newspapers is safe, secure, online newspaper subscription service. Just enter your Zip Code, and view subscription deals. Wither your into reading currnet events, sports, business, or just checking out different viewpoints, Discounted Newspapers can help your business. To see how click on to the following link:Discounted newspaper subscriptions

Price: Click on Link for Prices